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A Selective collection of premium perfume brands for everyone.


Heritage, oriental, luxury, three words that describe best Wood Prive oriental Perfume by Alam Alaseel.
Many stories to tell, stories been engraved, bottled with passion, love. exclusive perfume to enjoy and give to the one you love.
Rich Oud, Amber, white musk and black musk collection for you to decide on for your next adventure.

Pricing starts at 100-400 USD


A fine collection of oriental spirit yet with a European touch. A perfect choice for everyone that wants to bring the magic of the east to his private universe.
Prive Arabia Perfume comes in a selective and unique packing that reflects the mystery of the east.

Pricing starts at 60 – 150 USD


Young and trendy, sometimes cheeky, Secret note will be your best partner, enjoying Fine collection of rich Parisian perfumes. With Secret Note, you can soften your day or spicing your evening. Simply its an invitation to enjoy every moment as if going to last forever.

Pricing starts at 50 – 80 USD


Perfect choice to the budget traveler. an amazing collection of fine Parisians perfume presented in modern packaging, in the rich of everyone to enjoy. from deep oriental perfume to the scent of fresh forest

Pricing starts at 30 – 60 USD